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What is JUACEP?

In 2011, the Graduate School of Engineering at Nagoya University was awarded the "Re-Inventing Japan Project" grant by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Technology (MEXT), along with six other Japanese universities. The grant supports the internationalization of higher education based on the "New Growth Strategy," whose objective is to provide Japanese University students with more international experience. The Graduate School of Engineering at Nagoya University calls their unique program the "Japan-US Advanced Collaborative Education Program (JUACEP).
After completion of the role of MEXT project, since April, 2016 JUACEP has subsequently gone ahead its program, both for Nagoya Univ. students and for US university's students.

Student Exchange

JUACEP's primary focus is research-based education for graduate students. The exchange students stay at partner universities as visiting scholars and conduct independent research. Students can choose from among three courses: short (2-3 months), medium (6 months), and long (8-12 months), depending on their individual motivations and interests. JUACEP offers scholarships not only to Nagoya University students to study in the USA but also to American University students to study in Nagoya. At the moment (2012), Nagoya University has formed cooperative relationship with the University of Michigan and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). The research will result in the students' earning partial credit, which is transferable to their base universities.


Workshops are organized several times a year. Student workshops are designed to present the students' achievements through the JUACEP program and see the research environment at other universities, while faculty workshops are designed for faculty members to exchange research interests and ideas, and introduce potential research projects to prospective students.

Nagoya University

Nagoya University is one of the top research universities in Japan. There have been 6 Novel laureates from Nagoya University in the last decade. From engineering aspects, Nagoya is located in the Tokai area which is considered a hub for Japanese technology. There are a variety of multinational industrial companies and the school of Engineering has strong intercommunion with them, in terms of both people and research.