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Field Trip to TOYOTA Plant & INAX Museum

Jun. 24, 2014

As a part of JUACEP Summer Program 2014, we visited Toyota Motomachi Plant in Toyota city and INAX Museum in Tokoname-city on June 24.

  • 9:30-10:40
  • TOYOTA Motomachi Plant Tour
  • We had plant tour at Motomachi Plant and watched ‘assembly’ and ‘welding’ shops for 70 minutes. Thanks to the detailed explanation about manufacturing system and techniques of Toyota, students could enjoy the tour and understand about Toyota vehicle manufacturing process.

  • 12:00-17:00
  • INAX Museum
  • Since there are many students from materials science field this year, we visited INAX Museum to learn the Japanese ceramic history. We also tried decorating a miniature toilet made of ceramic.

  • We hope students have felt the history and technology of the Japanese industry and deepened their interests in it.


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