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The 30th JUACEP Seminar

Jul 8, 2015

Professor Jenn-Ming Yang, University of California, Los Angeles gave a lecture at Nagoya University.

  • The 30th Seminar:'Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Alloys for Aerospace Applications'
  • Additive manufacturing (AM or 3-D printing) is a rapidly emerging manufacturing technology that fabricates 3-D objects directly from digital models through an additive process. Various technologies for additive manufacturing of metallic materials have been developed recently. These include direct metal laser sintering (DMSL), selective laser melting (SLM), and electron beam melting EBM). However, additive manufacturing of metallic materials is a relatively new technology and there is a need for understanding the basic science of each of these AM processes. In this presentation, the microstructure and mechanical properties of titanium alloys and titanium aluminide fabricated using electron beam melting process will be discussed.

  • On the previous day, we had an exchange meeting with UCLA and Nagoya students who will stay in UCLA as a JUACEP program. The UCLA students gave tips of information about living and studying in Los Angeles.


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