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The 31st JUACEP Seminar

Jul 15, 2015

Professor Katsuo Kurabayashi, University of Michigan gave a lecture at Nagoya University.

  • The 31st Seminar:'Multi-Scale Integration of Soft Polymers and Biomolecules for Hybrid Microsystems Technology'
  • This talk presents our studies aiming at establishing a comprehensive microsystem for biological assay and biodetection. Our research develops technological foundations for protein concentration and spectral flow cytometric immunoassay in a microfluidic channel. Along with this technological development, we demonstrate (1) strain-tunable nanophotonic MEMS spectroscopy and (2) ATP-fueled biomolecular motor nanoscale mass transport. These tasks are performed by successfully integrating both biological and non-biological nano/microstructures into a single microfluidic or silicon MEMS device across multiple dimensional scales ranging from a few nanometers to several micro/millimeters. The loading of proteins and cells into a microfluidic structure is performed under post-device fabrication conditions, and the seamless integration of soft polymers onto a silicon MEMS structure is achieved at low temperature (<150 °C). These conditions enable us to construct biological and polymeric components within a MEMS structure compatible with CMOS processing and packaging. The demonstrated technologies provide the functions of assembling, manipulating, and analyzing biomaterials and analytes with great simplicity, flexibility, sensitivity, and unprecedented multiplexing capability at low power, low cost, and low volume.

  • After the lecture, all the JUACEP students for 2015 got together and had discussion and exchange information about study and life in Nagoya, Michigan and LA.


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