Study in Nagoya: 10-week summer course from June to August 2019 (Completed)



June 18 to August 30, 2019



(1)  Orientation, June 20



(2)  Participants and research topics


Research topic

Adviser at NU

Benye Tang

Univ. Michigan

Friction Controlling Method with Optimal Solid Lubricant Conditions

Prof. N. Umehara

Micro-Nano Mechanical Science and Engineering

Chen-Yu Cheng

Univ. Michigan

Passive Knee Assist Device for Squat Lifting: Toward High Usability

Assoc. Prof. S. Okamoto

Mechanical Systems Engineering

Guanru Feng

Univ. Michigan

Effects of Different Orientations of Compensation Chamber on Loop Heat Pipe System on Automobiles

Prof. Y. Hasegawa

Mechanical Systems Engineering

Yu-Ching Hsiao


Inserted Wedge-shaped CoFe Layer Studied by Time-Resolved Magneto-optical Kerr Effect (TRMOKE)

Prof. S. Iwata

Electrical Engineering


(3)  Hands-on Course of Internal Combustion Engine, July 4



(4)  Field Trip to Toyota Museum, Toyota Factory, Asahi Brewery, Tokugawa Museum, July 5



(5)  The 25th JUACEP Workshop, August 29