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Study in USA: 2- and 6-month courses from August 2015 *This application is closed.


    • Short: August 3, 2015 to September 25, 2015
    • (Departure at Nagoya: August 2, Arrival at Nagoya: September 26)
    • Medium: August 3, 2015 to January, 2016
    • (Departure at Nagoya: August 2, Arrival at Nagoya: TBD)
      *The start and end dates might be slightly changed depending on the flight availability.
      *We are sorry but there is no long course this year.

        Important dates

        • Application deadline: 15:00, March 27, 2015
        • Notice of acceptance: April 3, 2015 or later
        • Due date to find your host professor: April 20, 2015

        Planned number of participants

        • Short: About 12 students
        • Medium: About 8 students

        How to Apply

        Submit the following documents to juacep-office@engg.nagoya-u.ac.jp. The application form* is downloadable from Downloads.

        • Application form
        • Copy of the score report of TOEFL/TOEIC/other English evaluation tests
        • Headshot photo
        • Carriculum vitae (CV)
        • Copy of transcript for April 2014 - March 2015


        Conduct research at a research laboratory at University of Michigan/UCLA

        How to Find Your Host Professor

        You are supposed to find your host professor for the research at the University of Michigan/UCLA. Go to University of Michigan/UCLA and check out their researches. Once you found research theme(s) in which you are interested, get in touch with the corresponding professor(s) and ask them if they accept you as a visiting graduate researcher. On the contact, we would strongly recommend to attach a recommendation letter from your supervisor at Nagoya University, in addition to your CV, or ask your stay from your supervisor. Although you do not have to find the host professor and get his/her agreement by the application, we take it into account on the selection.

        Course Credit

        See Notes to Nagoya University students.
        Enrolled students will receive a certificate from Nagoya University upon completion of the course.


        • Graduate students of Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University in April, 2015.
        • Students who will continue study/get degree at Nagoya University after the program.
        • "Seiseki-hyouka-keisu" must be greater than 2.30 if monthly scholarship is granted. How to calculate your "Seiseki-hyouka-keisu".
        *International students are not eligible to apply.

        Financial Supports

        • A round-trip ticket
        • Housing (2 month course: the entire period; 6 course: The first month)
        • Scholarship (80,000 yen/m for University of Michigan, 100,000 yen/m for UCLA) will be given for qualified Japanese students. It will be 80% of the participants.
        • Please note that not all the participants can get the full supports listed above. The JUACEP office will let the student know which one(s) is awarded when notifying the acceptance.

        Out-of-Pocket Expenses

        • Participation fee: 10,000 yen
        • Student health insurance of UM/UCLA *See websites of UM / UCLA
        • Private health insurance
        • Visa application fee (including transportation fee for interview)
        • VGR fee *UCLA only
        • Rent for 5 months (Medium course participants only)
        • Others

        Immigration status

        J1 visa is required. (see Useful Links for details)



Graduate School and School of Engineering,Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya,
464-8603, JAPAN

mail juacep-office@engg.nagoya-u.ac.jp