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Workshop: The 1st JUACEP Workshop

  • Dates: From March 7th to 17, 2012.
  • Location: University of Michigan, UCLA
Participants Poster title
Kenji Ohara Wear particle analysis of DLC thin films focusing on structural changes and characteristics under oil lubrication
Yuta Ishikawa Fudamental research for the development of cooling radio knife tip to prevent blood coagulation on the tip
Kazutaka Kitazume The improvement of the properties of Si-CNxHy coating with Plasma CVD
Miho Sumigama Fundamental research for high friction and small wear brake pad
Naoya Nakanishi The effect of inner blade speed for cutting sharpness of electric shaver
Hidenori Nishimura The clarification of the relationship between transfer layer and friction coefficient of carbonaceous coating
Yuji Yagi The development of droplet free CNx coating with Ion Beam Assited Deposition
Bai Mingrui Numerical Study on Combustion Characteristics of Ultra-micro Combustor with Porous Chamber Wall
AkichikaYamaguchi Application of molecular tagging velocimetry to rarefied gas flow
Koji Sunada A study on Human Avoidance Motion for Human-Robot coexistence system
Soichiro Ito Basic Eye Part Collision Experiments against Sharp Mechanical Hazards for Severity Investigation
Hikaru Nagano What appeals to human touch? Comprehensive Study of Textures that Give an Incentive for Haptic Exploration
Keitaro Ito Noncontact nanometric positioning of probe tip for measurement of mechanical parameters of cell
Takuya Itakura Occupant response in vehicle frontal crash
Masaki Kawachi Mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes with one-dimensional intramolecular junction
Yu Maeda Road detection system outdoors ?Image recognition with improved Flood Fill?
Yudai Yamazaki Parylene based catheter type flow sensor for detecting breathing characteristics
Masakazu Asaba EHL Analysis of CMP Process by Using ALE Finite Element Method
Risa Emmei Study on Tool Damage in High-speed Ceramic Milling of Superalloys
Kosuke Hiruta On statistical properties of a turbulent boundary layer affected by the cylinder wake in a freestream
Koichi Hoshino Measurements of High-Schmidt-Number Scalar Mixing Layers in Grid Turbulence by means of PIV and PLIF
Tomoaki Watanabe Turbulent Mixing in a Planar Liquid Jet with a Second-Order Chemical Reaction
Atsushi Ishiguro Improvement of light detection of photodiode with local surface plasmon resonance
Satoshi Suzuki Effect of cyclic mechanical stretching on stem cell-to-tenocyte differentiation: Assessment by extracellular matrix expression levels and structure
Hiromasa Teshima Fabrication of high density Au nanowires by template method
Takanori Makino Measurement of electrical properties of cell surface by Microwave Atomic Force Microscopy
Takahiro Yoshida Nondestructive measurement and high-precision evaluation of the electrical conductivity of doped GaAs wafers using microwaves
Kosuke Azuchi Evaluation of mechanical property of thin films using ultrasonic waves induced by femtosecond pulse laser
Tomoya Kishi Development of fatigue crack-healing technique for metals
Naoki Kojima Study of copper oxide nanowires generated by stressmigration at the selectivity metal deposits
Takahiro Nakashima Development of evaluation technique for electric property using Microwave AFM
Yuhei Yamaguchi Study on detection of delamination in unidirectional CFRP by microwave reflectometry
Jaeryoung Lee What Is the Adequate Feature of a Robot for Children with Autism in Robot-Assisted Therapy?
Miyako Banno Sensory Perception by Electrical Stimulation
Yoshiho Uchiyama Simulation of Human Walking with Orthosis for Keeping Balance Upper Body
Ryohei Sano Study of Operability Movement Steering System Using Lever Steering
Toshikatsu Tanase Analysis on Hand Motions in Activity of Daily Living

Thursday, March 8, 2012
11:00-15:00 Poster presentation (De NevePlaza (Rooms A & B))
Friday, March 9, 2012
13:00-16:00 Lab tours

 At University of Michigan
Monday, March 12, 2012
9:00am-9:30am Welcome leception (Chrysler Lobby)
9:30am-11:30am Lab tours - including Wilson Student Tam Project Center
1:00pm-3:00pm Lab tours
3:00pm-5:30pm Poster session (Tishman Hall, CSE Building)
6:00pm Banquet
Tuesday, March 13, 2012
9:00am-11:00am Toyota Tech Center visit
1:30am-5:00pm Lab tours, Tour of North Campus