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Workshop: The 2nd JUACEP Workshop at Nagoya University

  • Date: August 30th, 2012
  • Participants Reserch theme
    Pattarawit Sea-Ong Ultra-high pressure synthesis and properties of energy-related materials
    Syed Talha Wasif Uncertainty quantification of fission product inventories of nuclear fuel due to numerical modeling
    Yu Ning Development of crack healing technique for metals
    Lu-Yin Wang Scalar mixing in regular and fractal grid turbulence
    Mudit Rastogi Development of non-destructive inspection system using neutron and gamma detectors
    Sajeev Gulyani Photovoltaic/thermoelectric hybrid solar cell
    Nanda Gopalan Venkata Ramanan Ulta low friction coating for high efficient advanced automobile
    Sean Triputra Bong Design of renewable energy-based resilient electric power system
    Qiongyu Lou What to be the next-generation of large-scale battery ?