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Workshop: The 3rd JUACEP Workshop at University of Michigan

  • Date: September 27th, 2012
  • Participants Research theme
    Kenji Ishiguro Fiber optics for strain measurement in ACL injury
    Yuich Iwase Joule heating analysis using the COMSOL multiphysics software
    Qiong Wu Development of Arrays of Closed, Adjustable, and Reversible Nanochannels by Tunnel Cracking
    Keita Uchida Vertical Cu nanoowire array on flexible base
    Misato Osuka Development of Monopolar to Reduce Adhesion of Blood Coagulation
    Nobuhide Otake Computational time reduction method in FEM analysis
    Tohn Takahashi Simulation of a Compton imager for radioactive material localization
    Takahiro Nakashima Simulation of Microfluidic Chaotic Mixer for Efficient Capture of Circulating Tumor Cells
    Yosuke Niimi Literature review of gas micro-pump
    Ryota Notsu Effective Thermal Conductivity of Lunar Regolith
    Mingrui Bai Simulation about influence on Deposition in GF-OVJP by Different Nozzle Configuration
    Takuya Matsuyama Lifetime Characterization of Magnetoelastic Motors
    Takahito Yoshiura Dynamic Response of a Bistable-like Nonlinear Piezoelectric Vertical Actuator
    Gen Li Milling Tool Design for High Speed Machining of Titanium Alloys
    Yan Kuang Lim Study on the improvement of thermal stability and mechanical properties of silicon rubber
    Naoya Nakanishi Relationship between two-phase separation and concentration