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Workshop: The 4th JUACEP Workshop at University of Michigan (completed)

  • Dates: February 20 to February 22, 2013
Poster title Participants
Fabrication of porous aluminum with graded porosities and pore size by powder metallurgical process Ryo INAGAKI
DNA-guided 2D crystallization of nanoparticles Yuki AKAHOSHI
Challenge for suppression of zinc dendrite Takato MITSUHASHI
Concentration measurement of zincate ion near zinc anode by background oriented Schlieren (BOS) technique Kenya HAGINOSAKI
Stereo PIV measurement of grid turbulence in liquid phase Tomoyuki WATANABE
Experimental evaluation of turbulence kinetic energy balance in fractal-generated turbulence Takuto INABA
Effects of grid-generated turbulence on properties of turbulent boundary layer Shingo NAKANO
Turbulent Boundary Layer Influenced by a Cylinder Wake Takao TAKIZAKI
Study on a high-Schmidt-number scalar diffusion field in a reactive plane jet Takahiro NAITO
Study on hemodynamics in the cerebral aneurysm Kohei MASUNAGA
Simultaneous measurement of velocity and temperature in an axisymmetric jet with static vortex generators Kensuke MIURA
Micro gas flow measurement by pressure-sensitive molecular film Shobu SHIBAYAMA
Preliminary study on accommodation and Kn pumps Osamu MABUCHI
Synthesis of Nitride of Ruthenium under Extreme Conditions Yasunori IIJIMA
Micromachined Catheter flow sensor for Measurement of Breathing Characteristics Takayuki YAMADA
Order Reduction on Mechanism and its Control System of Manipulator Fumiya ISHIKAWA
Simulation of mouse walking based on optimization by GA Ryota MIZUMOTO
Study on Characteristic of Tracking Force in Robot Training Kento MITSUOKA
Measurement of Photosynthesis Activity Using Single Synecocystis SP. PCC 6803 on Microchambers Having Fluorescence Oxygen Sensor Masanobu KITO
A Method for Quantitative Evaluation of Pipe Wall Thinning Using Microwaves Fumiya INUKAI
Evaluation for a stem cell-ECM adhesion by ECM deformation measurement using digital image correlation method Naoki KAWASE
In vitro experimental study for the differentiation property of MSC under cyclic stretch with a non-uniform deformation field Toshihiro SATO
Evaluation of the depth distribution of thermal fatigue cracks on the metal surface using microwave Kohei NOHARA
Synthesis of Fe3O4 / Au Nanoparticles and Evaluation of Their Properties Shotaro MATSUO
Static and kinetic coefficient of carbon fiber brush to reduce its wear Tsukasa ISOGAI
Local enhancement of deposition rate by gas blowing in microwave-assisted high-speed DLC coating Kazuki MIYAZAKI
A system for walking on a slope with a wearable robot Hiroki SHIGEMATSU
The analysis of motion in gait transition for prediction of gait trajectory Yoshifumi SHIMOSATO
Analysis about the change of car driver’s behavior caused by distraction based on driver model Kazuma KATO


Date Local time Event
Feb 20 (Wed) 10:00 Arrival at Centrair Airport
12:30 Departure
10:30 Arrival at Detroit Airport
12:30 Arrival at the University of Michigan
12:30-13:30 Lunch (individually)
13:30-14:00 Welcome, Introduction of University of Michigan
14:00-15:30 North campus tour
15:30-17:00 Presentation setup
Feb 21 (Thu) 08:45 Arrival at the University of Michigan
9:00-10:00 Introduction of College of Engineering
10:00-11:00 Wilson Student Tam Project Center tour
11:30-13:30 Poster presentations + Lunch
14:00-17:00 Individual lab visits
Feb 22 (Fri) 08:45 Arrival at the University of Michigan
9:00-10:00 UM3D lab tour
11:30-14:00 Introduction of JUACEP for UM students (Advertisement of the summer program)
14:00 Free time
Feb 23 (Sat) 11:45
13:00 Arrival at Detroit Airport
15:30 Departure
Feb 24 (Sun) 19:05 Arrival at Centrair Airport