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The 8th JUACEP Student Workshop on Engineering (completed)

  • Dates: March 9 to 17, 2014
Poster title Participants
"Green" Separation of Metal Ions with Using Foam Mikiro Hirayama
Dynamic Analysis of Multi-degree-of-freedom System from the viewpoint of Power Flow Theory Akira Hirota
Non-linear Numerical Analysis of the Asynchronous Centrifugal Whirling Vibration in the Cylindrical Journal Bearing, Elastic Rotor System Hiroshi Kano
Hydrogen Absorption Properties of Pd-doped Mesoporous Silica Yoshiki Ichikawa
Synthesis of Magnesium Based Layered Hydroxide Particles and Investigations of the Chemical Heat Storage Properties Yoshimasa Sugie
Control Strategy for Dexterous Handling Using Hemispheric Vision-Based Tactile Sensor Naoki Kubota
Stabilization of Wheeled Personal Mobility for Handicapped People Against External Force Shotaro Okajima
Objective Evaluation of the Passenger Perception in the Simulated Brake Motion by Reflex Eye Movements Kentaro Omura
Non-disclosure Shota Watanabe
Non-disclosure Yu Kiyosawa
Non-disclosure Naoki Kudo
Effect of Hydrodynamic Cavitation on Escherichia Coli Yuki Makanae
Experimental Study on Effect of Radical Quenching on between Wall and Methane-Air Premixed Flame Kenta Yamomori
Investigation of Interatomic Force Under the Tip of Microwave-AFM Probe Kazuma Hifumi
TEM Observation of Dislocation Motion Induced by Electric Current Akihiro Kojima
Growth and Control of Aluminum Nanowires Based on Stress-induced Migration Sho Nakamura
Development of Highly Ordered Silicon Nanowire Array Shuji Nota
Study on Development of a Multi-inkjet Head for Building 3D Living Tissue Takahiro Yamashita
Microneedle for Trans-dermal Drug Delivery Systems Kodai Imaeda
Scheduling Sports Tournaments Using Local Search Heuristics Akira Tsuzuki
Fabrication and Manipulation of 3D Hybrid Nanorobot for Single Cell Puncture Takayuki Hasegawa
The Effect of Plasma-on Time on the Hardness of DLC Film Deposited with Microwave-assisted Plasma CVD Yoshihiko Hagiyama
Suggestion of Super Low Friction Mechanism of CNx Coating against CNx under Oil Kazuyuki Ichimura
Developments of Lubricant Sheet in Drilling Materials for Airplanes Takayuki Kawasaki
Effect of Substrate Temperature on Deposition of Carbon Film Utilizing Molecular Structure of Adamantine Eitaro Nakatani
Study of basic friction properties of Ta-CNx film Fuminori Nakayasu
Study of Soot Separation Method of Diesel Engine Oil by Applying Electric Field Hotaka Shibasawa
The Tribological Characteristics of DLC Film under High Temperature Vapor Environment Takuya Yamanouchi
Analytical Prediction of Chatter Stability in Ball End Milling Akira Saito
Cutting Force Model in Milling Operations with Self-propelled Rotary Tools Considering Bearing Friction Toru Suzuki
Non-disclosure Shun Arakane
High Throughput Evaluation of Multi Cell Array for Searching Electrode Materials of Lithium-ion Battery Masashi Miyamoto
Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Heat Pipe by Changing the Wetting Condition on the Wall Masaru Ogasawara
A Research of Axisymmetric Jet Controlled by Vortex Generators Mamoru Takahashi
Scale-up of a Test Facility for Realize Measurement of Liquid Axisymmetric Jet Masataka Yokoi


Date Local time Event
Mar 9 (Sun) 12:30 Departure at Centrair
11:20 Arrival at the Detroit
Univ. of Michigan Mar 10 (Mon) 9:00-9:30 Introduction of the UM
10:00-11:00 Campus tour
11:00-11:50 Poster setup
11:50-14:00 Poster presentation by Nagoya students
14:30-15:30 Introduction by Prof. Kurabayashi (Mechanical Engineering)
Talks by Japanese students studying at the UM
15:30-16:00 Briefing session for the UM students coming to Nagoya
Experiment by a Nagoya student studing at UM (option)
Mar 11 (Tue) 9:00-9:45 3D tour
10:30-11:30 Wilson Student Team Project Center tour
13:00-15:00 Lab visits
15:00 UMTRI visit (option)
Mar 12 (Wed) 15:20 Departure at Detroit
17:24 Arrival at Los Angeles
UCLA Mar 13 (Thu) 9:30-10:30 Introduction by Prof. Yang (Materials Science & Engineering)
10:30-11:30 Special lectures by Prof. Tsao (Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Keller (Director of Industrial Relations)
(2 UCLA professors)
12:00-14:00 Poster presentation by Nagoya students
14:00-16:00 CNSI visit
16:00-17:00 Briefing session for UCLA students who are interested in JUACEP program
Mar 14 (Fri) 9:00-11:00 Campus tour
11:00-12:00 Lab tour
13:30-16:00 Individual lab visits
Mar 15 (Sat) All day Free lab visits
Mar 16 (Sun) 13:20 Departure at Los Angeles
Mar 17 (Mon) 21:50 Arrival at Nagoya

University of Michigan




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