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Study in Nagoya: 3- and 6-month course from May & June 2014

9 students of University of Michigan and 10 students of UCLA have participated in the program.


UM: from May 13 to August 7, 2014
UCLA: from June 17 to August 29, 2014
UCLA: from June 17 to December 18, 2014


Orientation (5/13 for UM, 6/17 for UCLA)
On the very first day, we had the orientation and gave the basic information and instruction of the program. The participants met their advisors and TAs for the first time and had lunch together at the welcome party. Read more (5/13) Read more (6/17)

Reserch Internship
The participants were assigned to laboratories of the Engineering department. They set the specific research themes with their advisors and conducted research for the whole duration of the program. The research activities include wide ranges such as experiment, simulation, discussion, presentation and so on.

3 month participants from UM
Participants Reserch theme Advisor at Nagoya University
Fu-Long CHANG A Novel Control System Design for Robust Assist Systems Assoc. Prof. Susumu Hara
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Taehee JANG Design of a Multifunction Probe Used for Microwave AFM Prof. Yang Ju
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Songyao JIANG Load-Frequency Control Considering Power Output Fluctuation of Renewable Energy Generators Prof. Yasuo Suzuoki
(Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Charles Lesmana SIE Human Activity Sensing and Recogntion Prof. Nobuo Kawaguchi
(Computational Science and Engineering)
Jin-Gen WU Design of Automated Collision Avoidance System for Small EV Prof. Tatsuya Suzuki
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Hanyi XIE Friction and Wear of 3D Printed Materials Prof. Noritsugu Umehara
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Yang YONG 3D Fabrication of Nanostructure Prof. Fumihito Arai
(Micro-Nano Systems Engineering)
Yingrui ZHAN Cold Forge Spot-Bonding of Metallic Materials Prof. Takashi Ishikawa
(Materials Science and Engineering)
Chiyang ZHONG Surge Analysis for Lightning Protection or Switching and Protecting Phenomena Prof. Toshiro Matsumura
(Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

3 month participants from UCLA
Participants Reserch theme Advisor at Nagoya University
Song DONG Vehicle Ccrash Safety Prof. Koji Mizuno
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Jose Eduardo GAVIRIA Tribology of CNx Including Boron at High Temperature Prof. Noritsugu Umehara
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Zihe HE On-Chip Cell Manipulation Prof. Fumihito Arai
(Micro-Nano Systems Engineering)
Yue HUANG Slip Control for Contact Motion Reproduction: from Human to Dummy Skin Prof. Yoji Yamada
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Yingxia LIU Analysis of Solder Joints Using an Inelastic Material Model Prof. Nobutada Ohno
(Computational Science and Engineering)
Yuan Hung LO Bacterial Adhesion and Biofilm Formation Prof. Katsutoshi Hori
Tait Dewitt MCLOUTH Quantitative Evaluation of Carbon-fiber Content-rate in GFRP Laminations Using Microwaves Prof. Yang Ju
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Mark Kristopher SEAL Solution Growth of Cubic SiC Prof. Toru Ujihara
(Materials Science and Engineering)

6 month participants from UCLA
Participants Reserch theme Advisor at Nagoya University
Elvia CORTES Effect of Anode Geometry on Steady-State Magnetoplasmadynamics Thruster Prof. Akihiro Sasoh
(Aerospace Engineering)
Antonio MARTINEZ Indoor Map Navigation Prof. Nobuo Kawaguchi
(Computational Science and Engineering)

Japanese Class (5/14-6/12 for UM, 6/18-7/17 for UCLA)
The class is optional and participants can decide whether or not they take the class. The class consists of 10 lessons (2.5hours/lesson) and students learnt the basic grammar and essential conversational expressions.

Seminars by Prof. Albert Shih, University of Michigan (5/19. 20)
Prof. Albert Shih of University of Michigan visited Nagoya University and gave two lectures. One was the introduction of University of Michigan designed for the Nagoya students who are interested in studying at UM. Another one was about his research area and 3D printing. Read more

Field Trip (6/24)
On June 24, we visited Toyota Motomachi Plant and INAX Museum. At the Toyota plant, we watched ‘assembly’ and ‘welding’ shops. Following the plant tour, we visited the INAX Museum and got a tip of the history of ceramics in Japan. Read more

Seafood BBQ (6/24)
In order to experience the authentic Japanese seafood, we visited seaside and had BBQ lunch. The students enjoyed the different BBQ style from America and tasted unique Japanese seafood such as dried horse mackerel, turban shell etc...

Seminars by Prof. Laine, University of Michigan (6/23. 25. 26)
Prof. Richard Laine of University of Michigan stayed in Nagoya for one week and had 4 lectures during his stay. Read more

Handcraft Exercise (7/1. 3. 8. 15)
By the collaboration with the Creation Plaza of Graduate School of Engineering, the students had practical training of the internal combustion engine by dis/assembling the actual small engine. This event has started since last year and become popular among the participants.
  • -Lecture of the internal combustion engine
  • -Disassembling the engine
  • -Assembling the engine
  • -Performance test

Meet-up Event (7/16)
The JUACEP participants of UM, UCLA and NU got together and had casual talk. They exchanged information about daily life and study at each university. It was a good opportunity for them to know each other and build network.

Seminar by Prof. Yang, UCLA (7/30)
Prof. Jenn-Ming Yang of UCLA visited Nagoya University and gave a lecture titled “Ceramic Matrix Composites for Aircraft Engines”. Following the lecture, the JUACEP students from/to UCLA by JUACEP had a round-table discussion with Prof. Yang and talked about student life at UCLA. Read more

Workshops (8/7, 8/29, 12/10, 12/16)
The students had the final research presentations based on the research themes at Nagoya University, on August 7 for the UM short term students; August 29 for the UCLA short term students; December 10 and 16 for UCLA medium term students. The presentations were evaluated by each advisor. The successful students will receive the official credits (2 or 3 credits depending on the course period) from Nagoya University. The credits can be transferred to ME590/ENGR591 at University of Michigan under the agreement between Nagoya University and University of Michigan. Read more

Awarding Ceremony & Farewell Banquet
After the workshop, the students received the official certificate of the program completion at the awarding ceremony. We are glad that all of them successfully completed their research.
Just after the ceremony, the farewell banquet was held. The students, professors and lab mates got together and had a good farewell time. This was the last event of the program this year. We hope everyone got a fruitful time in Nagoya although it was a quite short time. JUACEP is always open to all the alumni to come back anytime!



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