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Study in Nagoya: 3-month course from May & June 2015 (Completed)

13 students of University of Michigan and 10 students of UCLA have participated in the program.


UM: from May 14 to August 6, 2015
UCLA: from June 17 to September 4, 2015


Orientation 5/14 for UM, 6/17 for UCLA

Reserch Activities
Participants from UM
Name Reserch theme Advisor at Nagoya University
Emanuel Antony CHIRAYATH Experimental Study on a Rotating Detonation Engine Prof. Jiro Kasahara
(Aerospace Engineering)
Fang DAI Collision Avoidance and Navigation of Small-sized EV and Mobile Robots Prof. Tatsuya Suzuki
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Ulka Bhushan DANDEKAR Design of Chemically Modified siRNA for Suppression of Off-target Effect Prof. Hiroyuki Asanuma
(Molecular Design and Engineering)
Yuting GAO Analytical Study on Combustion Kinetics of Various Solid Fuels/Waste Products Prof. Ichiro Naruse
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Xudong HAO Evaluation of Contact States Using A Wound Testing System with Slip/Force Sensors for Estimating Skin Scratch Risks Prof. Yoji Yamada
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Chadwick Kenneth John HARVEY Experimental Study on a Rotating Detonation Engine Prof. Jiro Kasahara
(Aerospace Engineering)
Jiahong JU Development and Verification of Fault Current Suppression Equipment in Low Voltage DC Delivery System Prof. Toshiro Matsumura
(Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Andrea Michelle MANOPPO Design and Evaluation of Desktop Mechanical Characterization System for Measurement of Viscoelasticity of Spheroids Prof. Fumihito Arai
(Micro-Nano Systems Engineering)
Haodong SHEN Ultrahigh Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography Using Wideband Fiber Laser Sources Prof. Norihiko Nishizawa
(Quantum Engineering)
Goutham THANGARAJ Development of Solar Neutron Monitoring System Prof. Kazuo Shiokawa
(Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory)
Chen WANG A Study on Topology Optimization with FEM Based on Iterative Mesh Division Prof. Toshiro Matsumoto
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Hanyi XIE Effect of Mating Materials on the Friction-induced Structure-changed Layer of DLC Film Prof. Noritsugu Umehara
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Yalim YILDIRIM Motion Intention Reading based on Myoelectric Potential Prof. Yasuhisa Hasegawa
(Micro-Nano Systems Engineering)

Participants from UCLA
Name Reserch theme Advisor at Nagoya University
Douglas Tse-Kit CHEN Direct Productions of Highly Pressurized Pure Hydrogen Prof. Seiichi Deguchi
(Energy Engineering and Science)
Yifan JIANG Characterization of the Properties of GaN Nanowires and Their Devices Prof. Hiroshi Amano
(Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Austin KUO Control for Table Tennis Robot Prof. Yoshikazu Hayakawa
(Mechanical Scinece and Engineering)
Haroula Stephanie KYRIACOU Research on Materials Recycling Prof. Masahiro Hirasawa
(Molecular Design and Engineering)
Hongyang LI Research on Advanced Rechargeable Lithium Batteries with High Capacity Prof. Yasutoshi Iriyama
(Materials Science and Engineering)
Antonio MARTINEZ Activity Sensing and Recognition Prof. Katsutoshi Hori
Jimmy NG Electron Field Emission from Graphene Prof. Yahachi Saito
(Quantum Engineering)
Lindsey Scanlon PERRY Research on Materials Recycling Prof. Masahiro Hirasawa
(Molecular Design and Engineering)
Jacob William STREMFEL Study on Crack Healing Based on Controlled High-density Electric Current Field Prof. Yang Ju
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)

Japanese Class (5/14-6/16 for UM, 6/18-7/21 for UCLA)
As the last year, it was an optional course and most of the students took it. The class consisted of 10 lessons (2.5hours/lesson) and students learnt the basic grammar and essential conversational expressions.

Seminars by Prof. Laine, University of Michigan (5/18. 19)
Prof. Richard Laine of University of Michigan stayed in Nagoya for one week and had 4 lectures during his stay.Read more

Field Trip (7/3)
On July 3rd, we visited Toyota Motomachi Plant and Seto Pottery Museum. At the Toyota plant, we had a tour at ‘assembly’ and ‘welding’ shops. After the plant tour, we visited the Seto Pottery Museum and the students experienced pottery making.Read more

Handcraft Exercise (6/30. 7/2. 7. 14. 16)
This event has been popular among the participants every year. The students learnt the mechanism of internal combustion engine by dis/assembling the actual small engine. Technical staffs of the Creation Plaza of Graduate School of Engineering instructed the
  • -Lecture of the internal combustion engine
  • -Disassembling the engine
  • -Assembling the engine
  • -Performance test

Meet-up Event (5/22, 7/8)
This event started from last year and we had twice this year. The JUACEP participants of UM, UCLA and NU got together and had casual talk. Prof. Laine from UM and Prof. Yang from UCLA joined the events this year.

Seminar by Prof. Yang, UCLA (7/9)
Prof. Jenn-Ming Yang of UCLA visited Nagoya University and gave a lecture titled “Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Alloys for Aerospace Applications”.Read more

Seminar by Prof. Kurabayashi, University of Michigan (7/15)
Prof. Kurabayashi of University of Michigan stayed at Nagoya University from July 13 to 30 and gave a lecture during his stay; “Multi-Scale Integration of Soft Polymers and Biomolecules for Hybrid Microsystems Technology”Read more

Workshops (8/6 for UM, 9/2 for UCLA)
Workshops were held on August 6 and September 2. The UM and UCLA students gave the final research presentations. Their presentations were evaluated by each advisor at Nagoya University. The successful students received the official credits (2 or 3 credits depending on the course period) from Nagoya University. The credits can be transferred to ME590/ENGR591 at University of Michigan under the agreement between Nagoya University and University of Michigan.Read more

Awarding Ceremony & Farewell Banquet
After the workshop, awarding ceremony and farewell banquet were held. The students, professors and lab mates got together and had a farewell time.



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