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Study in Nagoya: 2-month course from July 2012 (completed)

Eight graduate students and one undergraduate student at University of Michigan have participated in the program and studied on 'Energy Storage and Green Vehicles'.


From July 1 to August 30, 2012


Reserch Internship
Participants Reserch theme Advisor at Nagoya University
Pattarawit Sea-Ong Ultra-high pressure synthesis and properties of energy-related materials Prof. Masashi Hasegawa
(Dept. Crystalline Materials Science)
Syed Talha Wasif Uncertainty quantification of fission product inventories of nuclear fuel due to numerical modeling Prof. Aoki Yamamoto
(Dept. Materials, Physics nad Energy Engineering)
Yu Ning Development of crack healing technique for metals Prof. Yang Ju
(Dept. Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Lu-Yin Wang Scalar mixing in regular and fractal grid turbulence Prof. Kouji Nagata
(Dept. Mechanical Scinece and Engineering)
Mudit Rastogi Development of non-destructive inspection system using neutron and gamma detectors Prof. Tetsuo Iguchi
(Dept. Quantum Engineering)
Sajeev Gulyani Photovoltaic/thermoelectric hybrid solar cell Prof. Kunihito Koumoto
(Dept. Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)
Nanda Gopalan Venkata Ramanan Ulta low friction coating for high efficient advanced automobile Prof. Noritsugu Umehara
(Dept. Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Sean Triputra Bong Design of renewable energy-based resilient electric power system Prof. Takeyoshi Kato
(Dept. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Qiongyu Lou What to be the next-generation large-scale battery ? Prof. Yasumasa Ito
(Dept. Mechanical Science and Engineering)

Intensive Lectures

  • * 7/4 13:00 (Rm #241, Engineering II)Energy Storage and Battery Overview

    (Prof. Yasumasa Ito, Dept. Mech. Eng. and Sci., Nagoya Univ.)

  • * 7/5 13:00 (Rm #231, Engineering II)Fuel Cell Vehicle at Honda I

    (Mr. Asao Uenodai, Honda)

  • * 7/5 15:00 (Rm #231, Engineering II)Fuel Cell Vehicle at Honda II

    (Mr. Asao Uenodai, Honda)

  • * 7/9 13:00 (Rm #132, Engineering I)Batteries for Stationary Applications

    (Dr. Yo Kobayashi, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

  • * 7/11 13:00 (Rm #241, Engineering II)Fuel Cell

    (Dr. Takao Watanabe, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

  • * 7/12 13:00 (Rm #231, Engineering II)Zinc-Anode Batteries

    (Prof. Yasumasa Ito, Dept. Mech. Eng. and Sci., Nagoya Univ.)

  • * 7/25 13:00 (Rm #231, Engineering II)Reactor Thermal Hydraulics and Safety

    (Prof. Tomoaki Kunugi, Dept. Nuclear Eng., Kyoto Univ.)

  • * 7/26 13:00 (Rm #231, Engineering II)Development of Future Green Vehicles

    (Mr. Masaki Azuma, Toyota Motors)

  • * 7/30 13:00 (Rm #132, Engineering I) Present and Future Materials for Automobiles

    (Mr. Junzo Ukai, Toyota Motors)

  • * 8/1 13:00 (Rm #232, Engineering II) CFRP Body Development for Lexus LFA

    (Mr. Manabu Ozawa, Toyota Motors)

Seminars by Prof. Kurabayashi (University of Michigan)
Prof. Katsuo Kurabayashi of the University of Michigan visited Nagoya University for the JUACEP Summer Program 2012. He gave seminars on "Designing Research Projects and Methods." The seminars consisted of 3 lectures, 2 problem sessions and the project presentation. At the end of the course, the sutdents made presentations about their summer projects at Nagoya University.

Seminars by Prof. Kurabayashi, Univ. Michigan Seminars by Prof. Kurabayashi, Univ. Michigan

Industry Visit to TOYOTA Kaikan Museum & plant tour
We visited TOYOTA Kaikan Museum and participated in the plant tour on 27th July. In the tour, we watched welding and assembling process of veicles. The students enjoyed the tour very much by feeling leading edge of the Japanese manufacturing techniques.

Industry Visit to Mitsubishi Motors & plant tour
On 2nd August, The JUACEP Summer Program 2012 participating students visited Mitsubishi Motors in Okazaki city. This tour was specially designed for the JUACEP by courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors. We were allowed to enter some special areas such as Research & Development Division and had the short lecture about Mitsubishi's technology. Then, we test drove the world's first electric car developed by Mitsubishi, i-MiEV!

Japanese class
American University students took Japanese classes and learned basic Japanese for a month. They went on an excursion to Osu Kannon Temple as a part of communication lesson.