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Study in Nagoya: 3-month course from June 2012 (completed)


June 1 to August 25, 2012


Tang Weihan (Dept. Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan)


Professor Toshiro Matsumoto (Dept. Mechanical Science and Engineering, Nagoya University)

Research theme

A level set-based topology optimization for three-dimensional elastodynamic problems using boundary element method


In this project, development of a numerical technique to optimum shapes of solids subjected to time-harmonic loads is aimed. In order to control the shape of the domain that is optimized, level-set function is used. The domain of the structure that should br obtained is defined in the region in which the value of the level-set function becomes positive. In the updating process of the distribution of the level-set function, topological derivative of the objective functional is required. I derived the mathematica expression for this topological derivative and implemented the expression into existing boundary element code.I tried some numerical examples to ttest the validity of the computer codes first, and obtained some valid numerizal results that can be used for publication of a journal paper.