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Study in USA/Canada: 2-, 6-and 8-month courses from August 2018

Research Internship

The students had research internship at laboratories of University of Michigan (UM), UCLA and University of Toronto (UT). They worked on the specific research projects under their supervisors at each university.
They wrote each research report and gave the final presentation at the workshops which took place at Nagoya University after they came back. The presentations were evaluated by each Nagoya advisor while the reports were evaluated by each supervisor at UM/UCLA/UT. Two to four credits were awarded from Nagoya University depending on the course work.

①Participants of short-term course (2 months from August to December 2018)
Name Research theme Advisor at visiting university
Motoki Yamada Synthesis of MZPFe Nanopowders to Thin Films as Solid Electrolytes by Processing Liquid-Feed Flame Spray Pyrolysis Prof. Richard M. Laine
Materials Science and Engineering, UM
Keiichi Okubo Synthesis of MO2C Supported Metal Catalysis Prof. Levi Thompson
Chemical Engineering, UM
Kotaro Takamure Synthetic Jet Characterization for Differences in Nozzle Size and Thickness of Gasket Prof. Philippe Lavoie
Inst. Aerospace Studies, UT
Shuichi Higaki Analytical and Numerical Modeling of High-Temperature Pressure Transducer Prof. Pierre Sullivan
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, UT

②Participants of medium-term course (6 months from August 2018 to February 2019)
Name Reserch theme Advisor at UM/UCLA
Takahiko Kosegaki Thermal Testing of the New Small Magnetic Sensor for SmallSAT Prof. Mark B. Moldwin
Climate, Space Science and Engineering, UM
Kotaro Hotta Experimental Investigation of Primary Breakup Induced by High Mach Number Shock Wave Prof. Mirko Gamba
Aerospace Engineering, UM
Koki Hojo Reactive DC Magnetron Sputtering of MoS2 and MoS2/HBN Layers Prof. Suneel Kodambaka
Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA
Hiroki Kogure Stabilize and Repetitive Controller Design for an Active Magnetic Bearing Prof. Tsu-Chin Tsao
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UCLA

③Participant of long-term course (8 months from August 2018 to March 2019)
Name Reserch theme Advisor at UM/UCLA
Ryo Tsunoda A Computational Study of Cell Growth and Division as an Energy-Based Soft Packing Problem Using a Diffuse Interface Framework Prof. Krishna Garikipati
Mechanical Engineering, UM
Kimihiko Sugiura Sensitivity Analysis of Five-Link Suspension Prof. Gregory M. Hulbert
Mechanical Engineering, UM
Yuta Ujiie Evaluation of the UCLA Low-Pofile Direct Shear Sensor for Air Flows in Wind Tunnel Prof. Chang-Jin Kim
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UCLA


The 23rd JUACEP Workshop was held for the short-term course students on October 9, 2018, and the 24th Workshop was in the same way for the medium- and long-term courses students on March 28, 2019. They gave presentations on their research projects and were evaluated by their Nagoya advisors.



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