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Study in USA: 2- and 6-month courses from August 2015

Research internship

The students had research internship at laboratories of University of Michigan and UCLA. They worked on the specific research projects under their supervisors at each university.
They wrote a research report and gave the final presentation at the workshops which took place at Nagoya University after they came back. The presentation was evaluated by each Nagoya advisor while the report was evaluated by each supervisor at UM/UCLA. 4 credits (at maximum) were awarded from Nagoya University depending on their results.

①Participants of short-term course (2 months from August 4 to September 26, 2015)
Name Research theme Advisor at UM/UCLA
Shintaro Oyama Effects of Micropores on Pseudocapacitive Charge Storage in Vanadium Nitrides Prof. Levi Thompson
Univ. of Michigan
Junya Kato Dynamics of A Rotating Shaft in Magnetic Bearings Prof. Tsu-Chin Tsao
Shunsuke Okumura Optimization of Deposition Conditions of HCP Zr Prof. Suneel Kodambaka
Asami Yokoyama Thermoresponsive Nano Velcro Substrate Technology for CTC Purification and AR-v7 Mutation Analysis of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Prof. Hsian-Rong Tseng
Ikuya Onozato Laser beams for 2D and 3D Worm Tracker Prof. Katsushi Arisaka

②Participants of medium-term course (6 months from August 4 to January 31, 2016)
Name Reserch theme Advisor at UM/UCLA
Takamasa Horibe Comparing Series Elasticity and Admittance Contro; for Haptic Rendering Prof. Brent Gillespie
Univ. of Michigan
Hiroto Izuoka Nanofluidic-Flow-Assisted Assembly (NFAA) of Well-dispersed Plasmonic Nanostructures into Nanoslit Sensors Prof. Xiaogan Liang
Univ. of Michigan
Kiichi Okuno Vibration-Based Identification of Interphase Damping of FRP Prof. Bogdan Epureanu
Univ. of Michigan
Ryo Yamaguchi Physical Aging of Star-Shaped Polymer Nanocomposites Prof. Peter Green
Univ. of Michigan
Takahiro Hatano Micro/Nano Sensing Technique of Diamond Tip Using Microwave Prof. Xiaochun Li
Yusuke Kasai Chemical Vapor Deposition of MoS2 Thin Layers Prof. Chan-Jin Kim
Taichi Nakao Atmospheric Plasma Treatment of Titanium for Bonding of Different Materials Prof. Suneel Kodambaka
Shogo Okishio Property Review and Thermal Conductivity Measurement on Lunar Regolith and Regolith Simulant Prof. Laurent Pilon
Masaki Sato Grouth and Characterization of Single-Crystalline Zr (0002)/Al2O3 (0001) and ZrC (111)/ Al2O3 (0001) Thin Films Prof. Suneel Kodambaka
Takamichi Suhara Electrical Transport Properties of Undoped BaSi2 Evaporated Thin Films Prof. Kang L. Wang


The 15th JUACEP Workshop was held for the short-term course students on October 2, and the 16th Workshop was in the same way for the medium-term course students. They gave presentations on their research projects and were evaluated by their Nagoya advisors.



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