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Study in USA: 6-month course from August 2012 (completed)


August 20, 2012 to January 20, 2013


Hidenori Nishimura (Dept. Mechanical Science and Engineering, Nagoya University)


Professor Katsuo Kurabayashi (Dept. Mechanical Engineering and ElectricalEngineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan)

Research theme

Signal and Sensitivity Enhancement of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) Biosensing


This program gave me the opportunity to gain new knowledge in MEMS and biosensor from Kurabayashi laboratory under supervision of PhD students. I had worked on a project to improve the sensitivity of biosensor for 5 months in this program. Thanks to the support of lab members, I could propose a new way in order to improve the sensitivity of biosensor at the end of program.

During my stay in Michigan, I belonged to an anime club named “Animania E I taught the club members about Japanese language and cultures, and they taught me about American cultures. I could not only make a very good relationship with American students but also have a lot of unforgettable memories in this club.

Finally, people in Ann Arbor and students in the University of Michigan were very nice and helpful to me. I’m very thankful that I could join this program in the University of Michigan.