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Study in USA: 2-month course from August 2013


  • U of M: August 3 to September 27, 2013
  • UCLA: August 4 to September 13, 2013


Research Internship
Participants to U of M
Participants Research theme Advisor at University of Michigan
Yasunori Iijima Research of Organic Functionalized Silsesquioxanes Prof. Richard M. Laine
(Materials Science and Engineering)
Akitomo Matsumoto Effects of Soft Tissue Stiffness on Stress Values of Femur Neck Prof. Gregory M. Hulbert
(Mechanical Engineering)
Tomoya Nishiyama Kinematics and Compliance Testing Simulation of an Automobile Using a Rigid Body Suspension Model Prof. Gregory M. Hulbert
(Mechanical Engineering)
Tomoko Ozawa Analysis of Fluid Flow of Molten Magnesium into Micro-particles Prof. Katsuyo Thornton
(Materials Science and Engineering)
Hiroki Shigematsu Development of a Vibration Excitation System Forced on Pezoelectric Elements Prof. BogdanEpureanu
(Mechanical Engineering)
Shunji Shibata Tapered Etch Profile Prof. Euisik Yoon
(Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Shun Tamamura Evaluation of Auricular Biomechanical Property by FEM Prof. Scott Hollister
(Biomedical Engineering)
Takayuki Yamada Calibration of a Strain Gauge for Force Measurement in a Palatal Expander Prof. Yogesh B. Gianchandani
(Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Participants to UCLA
Participants Research theme Advisor at University of Michigan
Hiroshi Fuji Modeling for a Nano Precision System Prof. Tsu-Chin Tsao
(Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Shinichi Hayashi Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation in Composite Structures Prof. ErtugrulTaciroglu
(Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Sakina Kondo Effect of Protein Charge on Adsorption to Apatite and Cell Viability Prof. Benjamin M. Wu
Kazuki Miyazaki Impact Tolerance of Metal, Composites, and FMLs Prof. Jenn-Ming Yang
(Materials Science and Engineering)
Shoya Ono Study on an Aluminum Two-phase Heat Transfer Device Using IAS Fluid Prof. Ivan Catton
(Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Toshihiro Sato Mechanical Stimulation on Rat Intestinal Smooth Muscle Cells to Improve Maturity Prof. Benjamin M. Wu

Research Internship
The students had research internship at laboratories of University of Michigan and UCLA. They worked on the specific research projects under their supervisors at each university.
 They wrote a research report and gave the final presentation at the workshop which took place at Nagoya University after they came back. Thepresentation was evaluated by each NU supervisor while the report was evaluated by each supervisor at UM/UCLA. 4 credits (at maximum) will be awarded from Nagoya University depending on their results.

On October 9, the workshop was held for the students and they had presentations on their research projects at UM/UCLA. The presentations were evaluated by each NU advisory professor. Read more

Reports of the participants
Find out what they did and how they spent time in USA during the summer program.



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