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Study in Nagoya: 3-month course from May (June) 2013

11 students of University of Michigan and 7 students of UCLA have participated in the program.


U of M: from May 14 to August 8, 2013
UCLA: from June 18 to August 22, 2013


Reserch Internship
Participant from U of M
Participants Reserch theme Advisor at Nagoya University
Weiyu Cao Advanced two-phase heat transfer device Assoc. Prof. Hosei Nagano
(Aerospace Engineering)
Yu-Shiuan Chu Human Activity Sensing Consortium Prof. Nobuo Kawaguchi
(Computational Science and Engineering)
Ambarish Krishnanand Desai Nonlinear control for mechanical systems Assoc. Prof. Noboru Sakamoto
(Aerospace Engineering)
Michael Bigang Ding Development of Nanostructured Materials and Their Applications Prof. Yang Ju
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Zhenyu Gan Impact suppression control of a cart Prof. Yoji Yamada
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Sriram Ganesan Monte-Carlo simulation of polycrystal plasticity using a discrete dislocation plasticity approach Assoc. Prof. Dai Okumura
(Computational Scinece and Engineering)
Nishant Mayur Narechania Accurate Hypersonic Heating on Unstructured Grids Assit. Prof. Keiichi Kitamura
(Aerospace Engineering)
Hao Wang Theoretical and experimental verification of sensorless magnetic levitation using Hall element signal Prof. Tsuyoshi Inoue
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Yi-Kai Wang Visual Feedback Control for Table Tennis Robot Prof. Yoshikazu Hayakawa
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Yan Zhang Collision Avoidance Control Using a Small EV Prof. Tatsuya Suzuki
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)
Yihao Zheng Collision Avoidance Control Using a Small EV Prof. Noritsugu Umehara
(Mechanical Science and Engineering)

Participant from UCLA
Participants Reserch theme Advisor at Nagoya University
Chung-Wen Chuang Simulation of RC structures under earthquake Prof. Hikaru Nakamura
(Civil Engineering)
Owen Suyuan Liang Electric transport properties of individual carbon nanotubes measured in electron microscope Prof. Yahachi Saito
(Quantum Engineering)
Le Nguyen Khuong Ninh Viscoelastic properties of liquid lubricant confined in nanometer-sized gaps Prof. Kenji Fukuzawa
(Micro-Nano Systems Engineering)
Jonathan Timothy Quan Material development by severe plastic deformation process Prof. Naoyuki Kanetake
(Materials Science and Engineering)
Christopher Charles Roberts Semipolar/Nonpolar LEDs on patterned Silicon substrates Prof. Hiroshi Amano
(Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Justin Wang Mechanics of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials Prof. Takashi Ishikawa
(Aerospace Engineering)
Yaodong Wang Solution Growth of SiC Prof. Toru Ujihara
(Materials Science and Engineering)

Japanese Class
The students had 10 Japanese lessons during the summer program. They learnt the basic grammar and essential conversational expressions. Read more

Seminar by Prof. Yang (UCLA)
Prof. Jenn-Ming Yang of UCLA visited Nagoya University and gave a lecture titled ‘In-Situ Nano-Mechanical Testing and Characterization of Metals and Ceramics E Following the lecture, the JUACEP students from/to UCLA had round-table discussion with the professor and talked about student life at UCLA. Read more

Handcraft Exercise
By collaboration with the Creation Plaza of Graduate School of Engineering, the students had practical training of the internal combustion engine.
  • -Lecture of the internal combustion engine
  • -Disassembling the engine
  • -Assembling the engine
  • -Performance test
Read more

Field Trip
On June 24, we visited TOYOTA Tsutsumi Plant and JR SCMAGLEV and Railway Park. At TOYOTA plant, we watched ‘assembly Eand  Eelding Eshops. Also, we looked around SCMAGLEV and Railway Park and experienced the speed of N700 Shinkansen and superconducting Maglev. Read more

Culture Experience
Following the field trip, we went to Gifu prefecture to explore the Japanese traditional culture. We visited Gifu Park, Mt. Kinka and Gifu Castle. After that, we watched Ukai (cormorant fishing) on the Nagara River.

On August 8 and 22, workshops were held for both UM and UCLA students and they had presentations on their research themes at Nagoya University. The presentations were evaluated by each advisory professor. The students get credits (2 or 3 credits depending on the course period) from Nagoya University as a result of the presentation and research report. The credits are transferred to ME590 at University of Michigan under the agreement. Read more

Reports of the participants
Find out what they did and how they spent time at nagoya university during the summer program.



Graduate School and School of Engineering,Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya,
464-8603, JAPAN

mail juacep-office@engg.nagoya-u.ac.jp